Daniella's Misadventures
Saturday, February 14, 2004
More stuff than anyone would ever want to know about me

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I give to you my list of a 73 things about me.

1. I was born in Riga, Latvia.
2. I live in Montclair, NJ.
3. New Orleans will always be my home and the place where my heart is.
4. I am an only child.
5. No, I was not spoiled.
6. I love sushi, thai food and Vietnamese food, but I hate Chinese food. Go figure.
7. I am very competitive. If it's not worth doing better than everyone else, it's not worth doing at all.
8. I am getting my MBA.
9. I am really, really good at school and I don't have to try really hard.
10. I am extremely outgoing and can talk to anyone--people on the train think I am insane.
11. I am not Carrie, Samantha, Miranda or Charlotte--I am a mix of all of them.
12. I have been in love three times. The first two were never "quite right" in my heart of hearts.
13. This time, it is.
14. I adore traveling and try to do so as often as possible.
15. My favorite place to visit is Italy.
16. I love shoes and have over 200 pairs. I know it's a cliche, but I can't help it.
17. I've been a wild, wild girl in my twenties, but now I've settled down and found it very liberating.
18. I can curse like a sailor, drink like a longshoreman and dance like a go-go dancer.
19. I don't really do any of those things unless provoked.
20. I am very tough, but I am very soft, too.
21. I am the best friend you will ever have. I will hold you when you cry, fix your hair when you have to run into your ex, drive you to the airport at 4:30 AM and buy you chocolates and flowers on your birthday.
22. I will never forget your birthday. Ever.
23. I've had the same two best friends since sixth grade and the same overall group of friends pretty much since high school. We all went to college in different places, but we all stayed friends.
24. I am in awe of my parents--what they've accomplished in their lives is amazing. They came to this country with nothing and have built great lives and great careers. They are extraordinary people.
25. I don't think that I will ever live up to their expectations of me, but I try nonetheless.
26. I'm getting married in October to a man that makes me feel safe and loved.
27. I'm constantly amazed by him.
28. I've broken my leg and my toe.
29. I've had more sprains than I can count.
30. When I was a sophomore in high school, I took a dare and jumped off my friend's parent's third story roof into their pool. It hurt. A lot. No one else would do it.
31. I have two cats who are the spoiled-rotten joy of my life.
32. We're planning on having a child soon.
33. John is going to be an awesome dad. The jury is still out on me as a mother.
34. I'm really, really scared of that.
35. I read voraciously--once I start a book, I read it all the way through in one sitting. If I start a book at bedtime, I will still be awake at 6 AM, finishing it up.
36. I have had to call in sick to work for not going to sleep because I was reading a book.
37. I try not to start books at bedtime anymore.
38. I'm addicted to Law and Order. I've seen every episode at least three times, but I watch anyway.
39. I'm also addicted to Trading Spaces, but that's waning.
40. I love lipstick, but I rarely wear makeup.
41. I never blow dry my hair and never put any "product" in it.
42. I'm a tomboy and a girlie-girlie rolled into one.
43. I really like my future in-laws. And I'm not just saying that, they don't know about my blog.
44. Planning my wedding is making me insane. I'm ready for it to be over already!
45. I am an anal retentive neat freak. Just like my mother.
46. Sometimes it borders on compulsive. My friend Skip used to come over to my house, wait until I went to the bathroom or otherwise left the room, and rearrange all the throw pillows on the couch. I would come back in and wordlessly rearrange them back to the way they were. For a long time, I didn't even realize I was doing it.
47. I can't cook worth a damn, but when I was single, I would only date men who could cook.
48. It paid off as John is an amazing cook.
49. I've gained 40 pounds since we moved in together.
50. I've lost ten in the last few months and will lose at least another twenty before the wedding.
51. I have a ballerina's neck--long and thin. I think it's patrician.
52. I hate my breasts and plan on having them removed, er... reduced, after I finish having children and breastfeeding.
53. I love to dance and I'm good at it.
54. I love to sing and it sounds like cats being tortured.
55. I do it anyway.
56. I can recite Jabberwocky anyway you want to hear it--slow, fast, backwards.
57. I aim to be a woman of substance.
58. I can be both frivolous and deep.
59. I have planned my future down to the minutest detail, but I'm smart enough to know that it probably won't work out like that.
60. I have really dark eyes and I know how to use them.
61. When my last serious boyfriend cheated on me, on my birthday, I had the locks changed and all of his clothes bagged in garbage bags on the doorstep within two hours of finding out.
62. I know a little bit about a lot of things (you get extra points if you can tell me what song that line is from!).
63. I love my godson, Hudson, with a ferocity that scares me a little bit.
64. I am not allowed to go grocery shopping without John. I will buy fancy cheeses, expensive wine and berries. I will spend $300 and come home with two shopping bags.
65. I live on my cell phone, but I know when to turn it off.
66. I hate having nothing to do. I'm a go-go-go kind of person.
67. I've had two ulcers before I was 25.
68. I never say "no" to additional responsibility at work.
69. I've gotten the highest performance rating allowed in my company for the last three years in a row.
70. I've doubled my salary in the last three years.
71. It's not good enough.
72. I want to be a successful marketing executive, I want to be a great wife and I want to be a wonderful mother.
73. I want it all.