Daniella's Misadventures
Saturday, July 10, 2004
The fabulousness of the fabulousity is, well, fabulous

Ok, ok. It was so much fun. So. Much. Fun. Got to hang out with a bunch of people I already liked and a bunch more people who I just met who are imminently likeable. So, notice I said "likeable," not "linkable", because some people's urls I simply cannot remember. Please leave a comment so I can add you to my blogroll and look forward to reading all your future bloggity goodness. You people all ROCKED. So, without further ado, let's get on with the pictures and the link-whoring....

First, a shout out to our dearly departed:

Here are your hosts:

(that's The Donkey, The Wolf and moi!)

Next up, The Gorgeous Women of Blogland (Gentlemen, start your engines!):

That would be Steven (not, technically, a woman of blogland, but there nontheless), the delightful Kambri and the Delicious Blogger X (who will be getting a call from me in the future to make a time to do this again, my dear!)

There's Kambri again with the ever fabulous Stephanie Klein, who, in addition to being funny and charming, is a great photographer and will surely have better pictures than these up shortly.

That's Krissa (who I had somehow never met before tonight, but have read for a long time. Krissa is the epitome of true love and has the bounce in her step and the sparkle in her eye to prove it. An all-around lovely woman), the glorious Fishie and Stephanie.

There's the sweet and pretty Dahlia, who is always a pleasure to see.

The beautiful Lady Crumpet, who I had the pleasure of sharing mangoes and sticky rice with at the post-BABB thai dinner. Too bad she lives in Atlanta and we won't get to hang out more.

Now, if you think the Wonderful Women of Blogland were good, just wait until you see the guys...

You already saw Steven above... and, for some reason, I didn't get as many pictures of the guys.

This is Jesse. It took us a long time to figure out Jesse's blog name. Brian thought it was something having to do with masturbation, but I thought it was "blinded by the light." It's actually fashionably late. Only he was on time. Jesse rocked, but had to leave way to early. Stay longer at the next one, Jesse!

One of these cuties is named Henry and I didn't catch or can't remember the other guy's name. Nor did I get their urls. I'm a bad blog party hostess. Hey, Henry... leave your url and the other guy's name in the comments, please.

This is Mike. We love him. He listens to too much Elvis Costello. He is nuts.

that's my man. I have no idea what I did to make this picture come out like this. It must have been the vodka.

There were some very accomodating bartenders at Siberia. Not only did we surprise them with a party of about 50 people, but they not only rose to the occasion, but even joined in the fun.



Random Party Pics:

There were a lot of people there of whom I did not get any pictures. Especially Brian (actually I have a picture, but it's supremely blurry), who I hope has learned his lesson that one does not twirl a girl in three inch mules on an uneven dance floor!

All of you bloggers are not only fantastic, witty writers, but fantastic, witty people and I am so glad to have made some new friends and met you all. Till next time, I leave you with this: