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-- Elizabeth Taylor

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Wednesday, March 31, 2004
Social Butterfly

I know I complain about being too busy to actually have a life, but this week I've actually have a semi-social event planned for every night.

Monday, March 29th -
soccer playoffs and drinks with my team
Tuesday, March 30th - calculus for managers exam - thought I was going to blow it because, well, let's say, drinks with the team went on a bit later than anticipated and trying to study at work didn't exactly work out for me, BUT, I reached into the recesses of my brain and I think I actually did well (I DID take calc in undergrad, about 1,000 years ago)
Wednesday, March 31st - Neighborhoodies Customer Appreciation Party - c'mon... free food and free booze and a dj spinnin'? Could you say no to that?
Thursday, April 1st - Southern Culture on the Skids at Maxwell's in Hoboken. I used to date their soundman (no, it's not the same guy now!) and I've shared some debaucherous evenings with the guys in the band back in my hellraiser days. If you've never seen these guys play and you like good rockabilly with a sense of humor-- go see 'em. I'll be the one dancing and laughing.
Friday, April 2nd - Girl's Night Out at the Dashing Diva Salon. Manicures, pedicures and cosmopolitans, Oh My! My fabulous work gal pal Anila and I are off for some pampering and some cosmos (if anyone says "Sex and the City" I'll have you shot 'cause it is so not like that!).
Saturday, April 3rd - Liz Phair at the Roseland Ballroom. Hell, yeah... Need I say more? every time I see your face/I get all... google it if you want the rest of the lyrics, my mom reads this...sheesh!

Shaping up to be a swell week. If you are in the NYC area, I urge you to go see Southern Culture on the Skids and Liz Phair. And to get your nails done at the Dashing Diva. Because it's cool, because I said so. No, really...

posted by Daniella 4:24 PM
President Palmer - oh no, he didn't!

**disclaimer: if you don't watch
24, you will not get anything in this post. Don't even bother.***

Oh, President Palmer, how far you've fallen in my eyes. Supporting Sherry's alibi when you know the truth. I think you should be impeached. So many nights, I would lie in my bed, wishing you were our real president--a man with integrity, strength and honesty. Then you go and do this cowardly CYA thing and my bubble is officially busted. If that ain't high crimes and misdemeanors, then I don't know what is.

How about little Michelle Dessler, though? The mousy one has finally grown a huge set of cojones (apparently being exposed to a deadly virus does that to otherwise boring second tier characters). I really liked it when she killed the annoying civilian trying to bust out of Virus Hotel. I say we should be allowed to kill annoying civilians, too. I can just see it now...

Daniella: stop listening to your ipod so damn loudly on the train, Annoying civilian. Stop or I'll shoot.
Annoying civilian: You won't shoot me.
Daniella: shoots and laughs...mwah, mwah, ha...

I claim tomorrow as Shoot An Annoying Civilian Day in honor of Michelle.

Oh, and Gael... you don't stand a chance. Secondary characters never survive... see the programmer (Paula Schaffer, played by Sarah Gilbert of Roseanne fame) from last season and Jack's wife from season 1.
posted by Daniella 11:48 AM
Tuesday, March 30, 2004
Chalk This One to "What the F@&k!"

Some things just should not be. Case in point: the Victoria's Secret commercial that I just saw. Starring Bob Dylan. No, I'm not kidding. I wish I was, though.


posted by Daniella 10:36 PM
I kick balls, oh yeah!

This post is dedicated to my soccer sistahs--the best and coolest damn team in the world. Or at least in New Jersey.

Last night was our season ender play off game. We lost, but that was not the point.

The point was we were playing for the division title. Yeah, you heard me. The Little Team That Could, the team that lost almost all their games this season, the team that was new in a league in which all five of the other teams have been playing together for almost five years, THAT team won each of its play-off games and held their own against the power team which has won the league in each of the last six seasons.

We may have lost and only come in second in the intermediate division, but we WON because the sheer, unmitigated joy that we feel in playing is the best that you can get from a competitive sport. Because we started out as individuals who hadn't played soccer in many years (most of us since high school) and we ended as friends and as a TEAM.

So, ladies of New Kids (our team name, and, no, I wasn't there to choose it), I am honored and privileged to be your captain and your teammate.

And we WILL win the division next season. Go, New Kids!!!!!

posted by Daniella 12:12 PM
Monday, March 29, 2004
Manhattan Transfer Does it Again

I swear, one of these days, I'll be as funny as him. Read all about the
different types of girlfriends and how to control/deal with them.

I think I'm a combo Together Girl/Funny Girl, with just a dash of Blogger Girl thrown in. What kind of girlfriend are you/do you have?
posted by Daniella 2:10 PM
To the Rude Conductor on This Morning's Train:

The proper response to "thank you" is "you're welcome." NOT "okay."

Please make a note of it.

posted by Daniella 9:59 AM
Sunday, March 28, 2004
The World is a Happy Place When You Can Zip Up Your Nearly-Skinny Jeans

No, they're not my skinny jeans... but they're only one size up from my skinny jeans and I haven't been able to zip them up in about a year and half.

Anyway, they've been on all day--including a rather challenging hike in Palisades Interstate Park (just 4.7 miles north of the GWB for you NYC area readers) and I can still breath, eat and make merry.

So, I may not be skinny yet (15 pounds to go to my pre-John weight), but I'm well on my weigh (way!).

Happy, I-fit-into-my-almost-skinny-jeans day to you!

posted by Daniella 10:08 PM
Saturday, March 27, 2004

I woke up this morning panic stricken from a horrible nightmare. Maybe one of you can tell me what it means.


It's my wedding. I'm dressed in my beautiful dress, hair and make up done. The music starts and I enter the ballroom and begin to walk down the aisle. There is a bunch of people I don't know in the audience and they all have the smile from that horrible "natural male enhancement" commercial (you know the one... with Smilin' Bob and the Japanese businessmen or Smilin' Bob in the Nascar). As I keep going towards the hupa, the man turns around it isn't John--it's my awful ex-boyfriend Andrew.

I try to stop, but my legs keep moving toward him. I keep whispering to the guests as I pass, "where's John?" and they respond, "John's gone, you're marrying Andrew."

I go through with the "I do's" and we go to the reception. I don't know most of the people there. Andrew shows up an hour late and drunk.

When I get back to the honeymoon suite, I am frantically flipping through my address book trying to find John's old phone number from before we lived together to try to call him and tell him that I didn't want to marry Andrew and to please give me another chance.

I woke up with my heart racing and my skin crawling.

What does it mean?

posted by Daniella 8:46 AM
Friday, March 26, 2004
Birthday Presents for Daniella's Misadventures

Yes, kids... it's THAT time. This coming Thursday, Daniella's Misadventures, which you all know and love (?) is turning one. Yep, what started as an April Fool's Day lark (as in, "gee... if I write one of these blog thingies is anyone gonna read it?") is now an actual online journal with real, honest-to-goodness readers who aren't just my mother (not that I don't absolutely adore my mother, but, well, you know)!

And I love you guys. Well, at least those of you who I know about. I get about 300 discreet hits a week, which, though not much by Sugarmama or Dooce standards, is a whole hell of a lot to me. I'm really happy that you care enough to read my drivel and occasionally even comment on it. Knowing that I have an online community, especially my Bloggaggle chickas --
Kara, Kristi, Sugarmama, Aussie Dani and Dahlia, has made this past year of being uprooted and lonely a lot more bearable. Oh, yeah, and a big "hell, yeah" to my Cousin Jenny, who inspired this whole blogging thing.

So, to give back to my blog readers, I want to give you the option of telling me what you want me to write about. What do you want to know about the World of Daniella? Or do you want me to write about something going on in the world today? Or do you just want me to tell you knock-knock jokes?

Either way, you can leave your wishes in the comments box, or, as so many of you seem to be shy and prefer to email me (it's weird, I have the most reticent readers in the blogosphere -- ya'll send me tons of emails, but very few of you leave comments!), you can do that as well.

So, happy about-to-be-Blog-Birthday to Daniella's Misadventures and a hearty "thank you!" to my readers.
posted by Daniella 4:10 PM
Another Shout Out to Google Searchers

Dude, you are definitely not going to find
what you're looking for here.
posted by Daniella 3:32 PM
No more Lenny Briscoe?

say it ain't so! Lenny is probably my favorite character on Law & Order, my favorite show.

I know I've blogged endlessly about my L&O obsession, so I won't go into any more detail yet again. Just know, if this actually does happen, it will be a dark day in Daniella-land.
posted by Daniella 12:43 PM
Thursday, March 25, 2004
I'm going to have to say... Um, no

Dear Google Searcher,

Thank you for visiting Daniella's Misadventures. We are happy to have you join our small internet reading audience, but as to
how you got here...

I'm going to have to say a resounding "no, thanks!"
posted by Daniella 10:19 AM
Wednesday, March 24, 2004
Walking the Red Carpet, Or How I Learned to Let Go and Love LA...

Last time I went to LA, about 8 years ago, I found it phony and superficial. I guess I've changed, because I doubt that LA has changed. Whatever the cause, I just had my Best Weekend Getaway Ever ...And I've had a lot of great weekend getaways...

We arrived in Los Angeles after braving an entire week of snow in New York. We stepped off the plane into paradise--75 degrees, sunny and clear. We headed to Alamo to pick up our car--I had convinced John to splurge and we rented a convertible.

We put the top down and headed off to Hollywood (of course, I had to blast the stereo as we drove down the 405, hair blowing in the wind). Our
hotel was right in the heart of Hollywood--at Hollywood Blvd and Highland--a block from Mann's Chinese Theater, half a block from the beginning of the Hollywood walk of fame and across the street from the El Capitan where the premier was going to be held. Our room was swanky! We checked in, changed into climate appropriate garb (sundress and cute little wedgie sandals for me, a linen shirt and shorts for John) and headed to--where else--the beach!

We drove down Sunset Blvd with my only fabu West Coast dwelling girlfriend Susan, and John's co-worker Chad in the back of the convertible, oogling all the major landmarks--the Viper Room, the Roosevelt Hotel, Bel Air, the Beverly Hills Hotel and on and on and on. We got a table on the beach at a restaurant called Gladstone's (mediocre food, amazing views of the ocean) and ate and drank and whooped it up for hours. How can you be unhappy when it's that damn beautiful around you? I mean, it really is paradise!

Then we headed to the Getty museum where we watched the sun set and the mist rise around us. We saw a really cool exhibit of photography pioneers and then headed back to the hotel. I crashed (after all, I am still recovering from the flu) and John, Chad and Susan hit the legendary Formosa Bar and partied like rock stars till the wee hours.

Since I had gone to bed so early, I woke up at 5 AM (8 AM East Coast time) and decided to try to find some breakfast. Our hotel concierge directed me to Mel's Diner on Hollywood Blvd, about two blocks away, as the hotel restaurant wasn't open yet. What a mistake! Think of it this way... what kind of person walks around downtown Hollywood at 5 AM on a Sunday? Exactly... I was immediately approached to buy "whatever you need, sugar"-- which I politely declined. Breakfast was actually really good and I got back after sun rise to wake John up for our hike.

We hiked all the way up Runyon Canyon (my legs still feel like jello three days later!) and enjoyed spectacular views of the Hollywood sign and downtown LA. Then after our second breakfast/brunch, it was time to get glamorous for the premier....

I ended up wearing Levis 501s, pointy toed chocolate brown boots, a skin colored velvet tank top and a faux-gucci status print silk shirt (the premier invite said "cowboy-chic"--whatever that is!). I, of course, added the ultimate LA accessory--my burberry sunglasses. John's co-workers all wore business suits and, boy, did they look out of place as we walked the red carpet!

Red Carpet 101:

There are actually TWO red carpets: one for stars and another one, behind it, for the "guests," aka people like us who are there for business reasons. And they move you down that second red carpet fast. You don't want to hinder views of the"talent." The best moment came when my friend Susan, who works for Disney and was working a publicity crew at the premier, saw me on the (back) red carpet and called my name. I waved at her. As soon as I started waving, the various paparazzi suddenly went nuts snapping my picture. Best I can figure, they assumed that maybe, just maybe, I was somebody and even though they didn't know who I was, they had better get my picture... just in case!

Once inside, we were seated and had to listen to an hour of interminable organ music. I thought I would slit my wrists! Finally, the movie began and it was great--cute, witty and sweet. If you have kids, definitely go see this one! After the movie, we went to the cast party where I met and took pictures with:

Roseanne Barr - very nice and gracious, although others in our group said she was rude to them. She has lost a ton of weight and looks terrific, although too tan.
Kevin Smith - my best star sighting of the day-- he was super nice and hilarious and actually spent a few minutes talking with us.
Cuba Gooding, Jr. - very friendly and funny, but short.
Jim Belushi - took picture with me, but didn't say much. He's a lot more handsome in person than he looks on screen.
Randy Quaid - he's enormous. He towered over John, who's 6'2". His wife is about 23 years old and cheesy as can be.
Ed Begley, Jr. - he's bright pink. They must put a lot of pancake make up on him to make him look normal. He reminded me of those little pink lab mice that you buy to feed to snakes.
David Hasselhoff - ew and double ew. He's about 7' tall and must weigh about 2 pounds. His legs are as thin as my forearm. The scoop is that he's a premier whore--he goes to every single one--what, does he need the free food?
That dude from Curb Your Enthusiasm - couldn't remember his name, so decided not to approach him.

(For those who are interested, pictures can be emailed upon request).

Then John and I cut out a little early and headed off for a ride down Mulholland Dr, top down, of course. We had dinner at Gladstone's at Universal Studios with the Disney people, then some of John's colleagues (the young, cool ones) and Susan came back to our hotel room where we watched the Sopranos and drank unheard of quantities of champagne (c'mon, we were in a swanky hotel in Hollywood, apres premier, we were expected to drink champagne, right?). Then we decided to hit the new bowling alley/cocktail lounge next to the hotel and bowled (or in my case, threw gutter balls) late into the night. Finally, weary and a wee bit drunk, we went back to the hotel, packed and headed to the airport for our 7 AM flight. Malik Yoba sat a few rows up from me, but I didn't notice until we were at baggage claim in New York, cause I slept the whole six hour plane ride.

What did I learn on my Spring Break to La La Land? No one can be unhappy when the weather is that gorgeous and I love LA, baby!!! As Kevin Smith said to me, "smoochy boochies, baby!!"

posted by Daniella 2:52 PM
Friday, March 19, 2004
Viva La Diva!

Today is the first day that I've felt something close to human. I think I've finally crossed the hump with this horrendous flu. So with that said, wish me bon voyage to sunny LA for the weekend (it's snowing like a mofo here in miserable, cold New Joisey!) and look for your favorite diva (moi, in case you were wondering) on the red carpet!!!

kisses to the little people, I'm off to La-la-land!!!

posted by Daniella 10:53 AM
Thursday, March 18, 2004
All Cracked Cold-Medicine'd Out

Back at work and in hell. My head hurts and my nose is running. Taking Tylenol Sinus-Non Drowsy Formula which makes me really stupid. I can't seem to concentrate very well today.

Why am I here, you ask? Well, aside from freaking out last night over how much work will be waiting for me if I miss yet another day, I am moving tomorrow. No, silly, I'm not moving back to New Orleans (though, with the past three days of snow and no end in sight, I would sure love to!) -- I'm moving to a bigger cubicle.

My whole department is being "restacked" which involves moronic stuff like moving me a few cubicles over (approximately 20 feet) to give me a more "prominent" placement. Do I want more "prominent" placement? Uh, about as much as a hole in the head.

Yes, I know I often talk about being ambitious, but all this prominent placement means is that I am going to be right in the center walkway, with no PRIVACY. Prominent-my ass!

But, to make a long story short, I didn't relish the thought of a moving guy going through all my shit and packing and unpacking it, so here I am today, all cracked out on Tylenol Sinus-Non Drowsy Formula, packing boxes in anticipation of tomorrow's big move.

posted by Daniella 1:08 PM
Wednesday, March 17, 2004
Greetings from my deathbed flubed

Lest you all think my life is all glamour and glitz and Hollywood red carpet premiers and exciting NYC blogger parties, let me introduce you to Daniella's Flu Life of the past five (yup, FIVE!) days.

12:00 AM - take nyquil in the hopes that my hacking cough will stop long enough to get a little sleep
2:30 AM - wake up with hacking cough and throbbing sinus headache. Check fever. Fever = 101, find it's too soon to take anymore medicine. Try to sleep.
4:48 AM - wake up with fever, hacking cough and sinus headache after having a nightmare in which you were being chased by giant snot filled nose.
6:30 AM - wake up with alarm clock and decide you are not, AGAIN, going to work. Despair knowing how much work is piling up and how many important meetings you are missing.
7:11 AM - call work to let them know you are not coming in. Take another nyquil and go to sleep
11:02 AM - wake up due to phone call from mother/father/fiance/well-meaning friend to "see how you're doing" Curse them and try to get back to sleep.
11:03 AM - get up, make chamomile tea with honey for your raw throat.
11:22 AM - take nap from the exhaustion of making tea
1:00 PM - wake up to throbbing sinus headache, fever = 99. Try to check email and work on your paper for school
1:13 PM - take a nap
3:37 PM - try to eat some toast.
3:42 PM - take a nap from exhaustion of making toast
4:45 PM - call fiance to whine about how crappy you feel
6:12 PM - fiance comes home to make you chicken soup and more tea
6:37 PM - take nap from exhaustion of eating dinner
9:03 PM - decide to move from couch back to bed
11:59 PM - take nyquil....

Now, don't you wish you were me?

posted by Daniella 1:58 PM
Monday, March 15, 2004
Flu-ishly yours

I have called in sick. I haven't taken a sick day in over a year.

I came home Friday with a sore throat and woke up Saturday morning with it full blown--fever of 102, chills, aches, throbbing sinuses and coughing up phlegm balls the size of small cats. And it hasn't stopped. I haven't actually left my apartment since I got home from work on Friday.

I want my mommy.

posted by Daniella 12:12 PM
Saturday, March 13, 2004
Paging Darris Richardson

D, where you at? I've sent you tons of emails and I get no response--maybe you changed your email address. If you're reading this, give me a call or send me an email... I can't seem to get through when I try to call you in Germany.

posted by Daniella 9:15 AM
Friday, March 12, 2004
Try THAT for motivation!

I've lost 14 pounds since Thanksgiving. I eat very healthily (except for my evening glass or two of wine. I will NOT give up my daily dose of relaxation!), I play soccer on a team, I go to the gym three times a week (well, rather, now that we joined the gym, we have just started going to the gym three times a week) and I do yoga on Sundays. I am working my ass off (literally).

Last night after a pretty grueling session on the stairclimber, I was on the phone with my friend Jane.

"Damn, Daniella... when did you get so motivated? You HATE going to the gym!"

She's right. I despise the gym. I love playing competitive sports, but the gym is another story altogether. It's boring. It's full of gym bunnies--women who have nothing better to do with their lives but strut around in FULL MAKEUP and coordinating workout outfits. It's full of men making up for some inadequacy--whether real or imagined, it's not important.

But. I'm going.

So, what's motivating me?

The fact that in six months, 150 people are going to be staring at me as I walk down that aisle. Next to my two size 2 bridesmaids. And some of them I have never met (John's parents' friends and cousins) and some of them I haven't seen in many years (many of my parents' friends and my cousins).

And the thought of even one person thinking, "my, look how fat she's gotten/fat she is!" is killing me.

So, when I walk down that damn aisle, you better believe I'm going to be back to the size six I was three years ago, before John started feeding me lasagna and generally making me gain all that "happiness" weight.

So, get your damn chocolate away from me. 'Cause, you know what? I'm not even tempted anymore!

posted by Daniella 4:30 PM
Thursday, March 11, 2004
Ask not "Am I Ready for Hollywood?", Ask "Is Hollywood Ready for Me?"

John's company is doing a cross promotion for the new Disney animated movie called
Home on the Range, starring Judi Dench, Randy Quaid, Cuba Gooding Jr, Roseanne Barr and Jennifer Tilly.

Guess who is being flown to LA next weekend to attend the red carpet premier and after party with the cast? If you guessed me, you're absolutely correct!

So, do you think Harry Winston and Giorgio Armani will send over diamonds and a gown for me to wear?
posted by Daniella 11:19 AM
Wednesday, March 10, 2004
Too Funny for Words. Even Swedish ones.

I have now read
this three times and still it makes me laugh out loud (thanks to The Mighty Jimbo for the link).

Everyone who knows me knows that I am addicted to Ikea's fabu-cheap furniture and go there often. I've have yet to discover the section that sells the furniture that Ernie describes in his post.

Let's all come up with some other great Ikea-esque names for new furniture lines. I'll start. How about an Anallikker nightstand?
posted by Daniella 3:04 PM
Tuesday, March 09, 2004
Oh. My.

I know, I know. It's been six days. You are clamoring for your daily daniella (hmmm.... Your Daily Daniella? That could be a good new blog name!). So, I'm back.

John and I had a whirlwind tour of N'Awlins that mostly involved us draining our savings account completely to pay wedding expenses (of course, that's just our portion... I shudder to think what my poor parents are coming up with as they are paying roughly 75% of the expenses). We bought John's tux (oh man, does he look hot in it!), I had my first dress fitting (it will look amazing), we bought my girls their bridesmaid's outfits (notice I did not say "bridesmaids dresses"-- did you really think I would make my two bestest friends in the whole world by ugly polyester dresses??). My parents finally acquiesced to ending the circus and we will have a judge rather than a rabbi/priest combo. We met with several florists and I am waiting for their estimates before I start cutting back on what we can't afford. We completed arrangements for the rehearsal dinner and paid the band their deposit. We also created our game plan with our fabulous photographer (who is not only a close friend of my mother's, but a pretty cool lady--and a Daniella's Misadventures reader!). So, we're basically done.

The Save-the-Dates are going out this week, we got our first present a few days ago. So, I guess it's really happening now. Weird, huh? Not that I have any doubts about getting married, but the fact that we have put down all of these deposits, are receiving presents and are about to mail out pre-invites makes it kind of irreversible. And that's a bit scary.

About our trip:

Wednesday.... limo never arrived. It's 5:15 AM, I'm frantically calling the limo company to be told there's no record of the reservation. Fuckers (Sorry, mom, but they were!). We ended up driving to LaGuardia. At least we saw a pretty sunrise over the George Washington Bridge. (Update: they called on Friday to confirm our reservation for Saturday. Fuckers! The reservation was for Wednesday!! Fuckers. Ok, my mother is currently having a coniption fit at the use of the salty language. Sorry again, mom!)

We arrived in New Orleans at about 10:00 AM to a glorious day. We blinked and removed our coats, sweaters, etc. Wednesday was mostly a wander-around day. We had a great dinner with mom and dad and really just enjoyed being at home.

Thursday... John had a haircut scheduled and mom and I went for a mother/daughter manicure and then bra shopping (a girl needs her mommy to buy a "wedding tit shelf"--as I have renamed the horrid monstrous device that they wanted me to get to wear under my wedding gown) and sushi. Then John and I had dinner at my best friend's house with a bunch of our friends. We capped the night off with a cocktail at Marky's Bar--a Nint' Ward dive bar extraordinaire (of course I knew three of the five people who were in there--ah, my misspent youth!).

Friday... wandered around town, enjoyed the heat and the humidity--trust me after a long cold winter, it was heavenly! Dinner out with Mom and Dad at La Piatta -- great food, mediocre service. Then drinks at the
Ritz at the Jeremy Davenport show. As John put it, "a poor man's Harry Connick."

Saturday... dress fitting, bridesmaid shopping and Vietnamese food at Pho Tau Bay -- my favorite. Great day!!!!! Then we went for drinks at the Milan Lounge (another fabulous dive bar. Damn, I could write a book, "The Definitive Guide to Fabulous Dive Bars of New Orleans") and then to the ritual burning of the Reveler's Mardi Gras Devil Crawfish Thingie on the Mississippi River.

Sunday... champagne brunch with mom, dad and friends. Then John and I just enjoyed the day. Oysters on the half shell at Cooter Brown's, coffee at Rue de la Course, afternoon wine outside as the sun set at the Bridge Lounge, etc. Then Sunday night was a delicious dinner from Mona's at Catherine's house to watch the Sopranos premiere.

Monday... got on a plane during what had to be the most beautiful weather possible - mid 70's and sunny. It was a great trip, and the best part of it wasn't what we did, it was the time we got to spend with my family and our amazing, wonderful friends!

However, the plane was delayed and the pilot came over the PA to tell us why.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we're having a bit of delay in taking off today as it is snowing at LaGuardia. We will be taking off shortly. Enjoy your flight."

Yes. I did cry.

When we arrived at the parking lot where we had left my car, it had an open window and the molding on the driver's side door had been torn off. Yes, I filed a claim. It was sleeting and gray.

Welcome back to New York, Daniella!

Anyway, that's the full update. I'll be back to my usual multi-posting self when I get caught up. And, Ken... no, I didn't bring you back a muffaletta, but if you and Kara come down for the first weekend of Jazz Fest, we can share one at the Fairgrounds.
posted by Daniella 2:33 PM
Tuesday, March 02, 2004
Homeward Bound

Yes, you guessed it, John and I are once again off to New Orleans for yet another wedding planning trip. Blogging will be sporadic, if at all, until next Tuesday. I leave you with a few thoughts:

We fly out of LaGuardia tomorrow at 7:30 AM. This means we have to be there at about 6:30 AM. We are not so callous that we would ask any of our friends or one of John's brothers to take us to the airport at 5:00 AM on a workday, so it fell to me to find a way to get to the airport...

Option 1: drive. To park our car at LaGuardia, even in the cheapest lot, would cost us about $80 for 6 days. Add to that tolls of $14 to get there from Jersey and we're looking at $94.

Option 2: take mass transit. While the PATH train runs all night, as does the subway, this option would take us about three hours. I don't relish taking the train at 3:00 AM and schlepping my luggage from PATH to subway to shuttle bus.

Option 3: take a cab. This option costs $75 plus tolls of $14 -- $89.

Option 4: use my company's corporate rate for a limo (we are allowed to do this for personal travel, I checked). Total cost? $55 plus tip!

So, we are traveling to airport in style tomorrow. Too bad it will be so early that we'll be too tired to really enjoy it.

Last thought... I have a long black skirt which I bought this past fall. I hadn't worn it in a few months, because, frankly, it's been too cold to wear skirts. I put it on this morning and, lo and behold, it fell off. Not loose, not too big.. FELL off! I guess there's something to this working out stuff.

Have a great week, everyone. Enjoy the spring weather--we will be.

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Monday, March 01, 2004
Favorite Oscar Moment

Our party was a resounding success--we had a blast! Much wine and champagne was consumed, much food was eaten.

My favorite Oscar moment actually came pretty early, during the red carpet coverage. The camera showed a wizened Mickey Rooney. Everyone in the room said, in one voice,

"Mickey Rooney? I thought he was dead."

My brilliant fiance remarked dryly, "He's not dead, he's Yoda!"

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